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Top 5 Music Apps For iOS

We’re all using them. We can’t imagine our days without them. Music apps for our beloved iOS are simply essential part of our lives. Music drives us, comforts us, and make us feel better, happy, and aroused. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without it. Today we have a swarm of apps in the Store, and as users we all look to get the best out of our tech pets.Top-5-Music-Apps-for-iOS-Feature

Regardless if you want online streaming, or you like your library inside your device, a plethora of functional options and interesting features brought the music apps to another level. Today, a quality music app will sort our music, make us some playlists depending on our mood, find us some new artists to check out, or deliver latest news about our favorite musicians.

Which one is the best? Which one to choose?

Today we’ll try to answer these questions, and provide some quality music apps for iOS, so you don’t have to test them yourself.

Let’s see which are the top 5 music apps for iOS:

TuneIn Radio

Top Music Apps For iOS - TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio might be a surprise to some, but the fact is that this application deserves a spot in the top five because of its simplicity, features, and the possibilities that it brings when we’re talking about  the free version. With TuneIn Radio, you have access to more than 100.000 live radio stations, domestic and international. A plethora of functions that enhance the experience are the biggest feature of this app.

The pale green color dominates the app, with white interface. As always, the animations and functionality of menus are top-notch. One of the neat features that TuneIn Radio provides is the continuous playback while minimized, so you can do something else while your device plays your favorite station. This feature performs badly on all smartphone systems and apps, but we finally found one which performs flawlessly. The next area where this app shines is the driving mode, where the app gives you big buttons for easy usage.

The $4.99 upgrade for TuneIn Pro gives you an option to record long live broadcasts, and listen to audiobooks. For instance, you can rewind the live show to hear the particular part again without the need to hit “Record” button before the show starts. Next, if you liked the particular song, you can easily find more from the artist in the built-in browser.


TIDAL is music service based o subscriptions. There is no support for free streaming, but it offers perfect listening experience with 25.000.000 songs and 85.000 videos in its library.

Darker colors are pervading in the design of the app and everything looks and feel great. You can sort songs by artists, albums, playlists, or videos. The subscription is quite expensive, but Tidal claims that they pay the highest percentage of royalties to songwriters and artists. The best thing about this streaming service is the sound quality. When you subscribe to Tidal Premium you get a decent listening experience, but when you subscribe to Tidal HiFi you get a perfect sound experience on your iOS devices.

HiFi subscription is based on a FLAC lossless codec, and you get a CD quality track available for your listening experience 24/7. Of course, if you are streaming those tracks you need to have a fast internet connection and good headphones to fully enjoy the experience.

Another useful feature is that it offers a lot of music videos with HD quality without the ads. Of course, you can download music for offline listening but keep in mind that lossless audio tracks tend to occupy a lot of storage on your device.

The interesting part of the app is the ability to read stories behind the music. How they came to be, what were the inspirations for some songs and much more. Some people praise it, and some criticize but at the end of the day, there is no doubt that this is a great app for those who can afford it.

Keep in mind that the app requires iOS 8.1 or above and that it is compatible with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Top 5 Music Apps for iOS - Spotify

Online streaming of music became popular because of this app; Spotify is the pioneer in the industry, enabling the users to listen to thousands of artists with a single tap. The free version of the app provides tremendously big library of music genres to listen to, with some additional services like discovering the similar artists, playlists of others, and more. With a free installment of the Spotify app, you won’t be able to play a song on demand, and your experience might be spoiled with some ads, but many users don’t worry about that. The shuffle mode is one of the most popular globally, and it’s free on Spotify.Top 5 Music Apps for iOS - Spotify

The design features darker colors, clear and responsive interface, and smooth animation. Whenever you listen to your favorite artist, album art will be automatically synchronized to your app, and your lockscreen.

The premium Spotify service ($9.99 a month) allows downloading songs for offline listening, directly from your storage. With over 100 million active users, and more than 35 million premium users, Spotify is a dominating player on the market.

Next, you get to play songs on demand, remove ads in the app interface, and increase the quality of the streaming music (128 Kbps -> 320 Kbps) The users love it so much because of its simplicity, the availability of the artists, and the huge library of music tracks for them to browse and listen to.


Google Play Music

Here is a great app for streaming music to your devices on the go. Courtesy of Google developers this app can be used for iOS as well.

Top 5 music apps for iOS - Google Play Music

Based on a colorful interface, Google Play Music looks really beautiful. Everything works super smooth, and it’s very intuitive to use. You just have to choose a genre of the music, artist, or some of the incorporated playlists, based on your current mood, activity, or time of the day. The app will randomly select a song and play it for you. Google recently bought Songza streaming service and fused it with their Play Music; it means that radio stations curated by experts are at your disposal.top 5 music apps for iOS - Google Play Muisc features, lists, and options

The app is ad-free and offers uninterrupted listening which is fantastic. You can upload your personal music collection of up to 50000 songs have your library synchronized on multiple devices. Another great feature implemented is a smart recommendation where the app will recommend music based on your liking. With this function, you can find out about another great artist of your preferred genre. You can subscribe to a premium service for 1,99$ a month and gain ability to download songs to your device and listen to them without the need for internet connection. This is a great app that offers a lot in its free version, earning the placing on our list.


Deezer is another great streaming app for iOS devices; it offers a plethora of options and it’s free of charge.

Top 5 Music Apps for iOS - DeezerIt’s a great looking app with translucent backgrounds and intuitive interface, ability to create playlists, download songs and much more. You can sort song by artist, albums, favorite tracks, and it even displays lyrics for the songs of your choosing.It is very popular service around the world, and you can stream over 40.000.000 tracks. Deezer offers Last.fm integration, and you can scrobble songs from Deezer to Last.fm account. Audio quality is good, and it gets even better with a subscription to Premium+ account along with a lot of options.Top 5 Music Apps for iOS - Deezer features and sorting

Although the Premium+ account isn’t cheap (a 9,99$ a month) it offers unlimited song skips and scrubbing, support for HI-FI, TV and car stereo, even a Google Chromecast. The good thing about Premium+ subscription is that it has no ads, and you can enjoy listening to your favorite tunes uninterrupted.

The app is great and offers plenty of bang for a buck. We believe that Premium+ subscription is quite expensive for what it offers because there are similar apps that are not that pricey and offer the same joyful experience.

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