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Top 5 IOS Alarm Clock Apps

We are all too familiar with the situation of waking up to a noisy alarm, getting annoyed, hitting the big ”snooze” button and sinking back into deep slumber – only to frantically wake up to the reality of being late for work later on. Whether you’re looking to wake up on time, or bored of your current alarm app’s functionality (you ought to be after knowing about these apps!), these 5 useful iOS alarm clock apps will be perfect for you. Let’s get started!


CARROT Alarm – Talking Alarm Clock

Carrot Alarm Clock App

CARROT is an innovative take on the alarm clock. It is basically an Artificial Intelligence persona which changes its mood depending on how punctually you wake up. If you sleep in, CARROT will get “angrier” and subsequently play more “attention-catching” (read: irritating) alarm tones the next day to force you out of bed. Moreover, CARROT is constructed hilariously with sarcastic spoken dialogue and fun challenges to complete in order to turn off your alarm in the morning, such as shaking your device, pinching and swiping. As you get better at waking up punctually, you can level up which unlocks more alarm tones and bedtime stories among other rewards. As a bonus, its interface is really simple to understand, functional to display only the essential information, interactive and beautifully crafted. In short, CARROT displays no mercy, so if you’re desperate to wake up on time, this app is what you need. (One user even testified that this is the only solution that has worked for him in 32 years besides people yelling him out of bed!) CARROT can be bought for US$2.99 at the point of writing.


Sleep Genius

Sleep Genius-1Sleep Genius-2

Unlike CARROT, Sleep Genius focusses more on your quality of sleep, which is probably just as important as waking up on time. Developed by NASA sleep researchers and endorsed by ESPN, Huffington Post and other big players, Sleep Genius will guarantee you have your good nights’ sleep. They know how important it is to wake up feeling refreshed, and with science, it’s possible. Its Revive Cycle Alarm gently arouses you from your slumber with peaceful, soothing sounds at a slowly increasing volume, to prevent you waking up in shock and spoiling your mood for the day. Not to worry, though, you’ll still be woke up on time, according to the developers. In the long term, this consistent pattern trains your brain’s “wake rhythm” to wake up naturally. Not only can you wake up peacefully, you can fall asleep peacefully too. Sleep Genius has built-in sleep tones Heck, you can even control your dreams! Simply place your phone on your bed, select a dreamscape – a scene for your dream, like walking by the beach – and the app will be able to influence your dreams. It also offers miscellaneous functions like personalized sleep quality reports and a power nap alarm which boosts your energy through the afternoon slump. Personally, I have used Sleep Genius before, and find it a worthy investment. Sleep Genius is available for US$4.99 at the point of writing.


Rise Alarm Clock

RIse Alarm Clock App

Rise gets a nomination because of its interface and appropriate built-in features to suit you. It’s really hard not to love Rise the moment you start using it – the interface is intuitive and overall, simply beautiful. Setting an alarm is as easy as swiping the screen from the side, or using an alarm that repeats on certain days of the week. One thing I like is how you can choose a few songs as sleep tones, like a playlist of lullabies to put you to sleep. Rise also doubles as a bedside clock in landscape mode if you so wish. Rise is available to download for US$1.99.


Sleep Cycle alarm clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Unlike the apps listed above, this app customizes the time you wake up just for you. It works by tracking how deep or shallow your sleep is, and wakes you up when you are most awake. As a result you will wake up feeling less groggy. The alarm will not run late beyond the time you configured, so you can have peace of mind you will wake up on time. Despite facing many competitors with similar functionality, this one comes in as one of the more capable and pretty-looking ones to match your iPhone. Best of all, it is free to download. Out of all the alarm clock apps, this one is one of our favorites.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Alarmy Alarm Clock App

Alarmy is another novel solution to pull you out of bed. Like CARROT, it offers challenges to fulfil in the morning to deactivate the alarm, but in more interesting ways. The best feature is perhaps to take a photo of something when you are setting up the app – as a popular example, your bathroom sink – and the next morning, to stop the buzzing, you will be required to take a photo of the same object/location you had preset. That means dragging your sleepy body to the bathroom, where you conveniently find yourself getting ready for the day instead of sleeping in. Other options include shaking your phone or solving mental sums. Of course, whether this is overkill depends on whether you need an extreme solution to drag yourself out of bed, but if you do, I will certainly recommend you give Alarmy a try. With a modern interface and custom themes accompanying it, Alarmy is well worth its US$1.99 price tag.

That concludes my review of the top iOS alarm clock apps that you really can’t go wrong with. Did you feel an improvement in your sleep patterns or find yourself more disciplined in rising from your bed? Feel free to share your experience in the comments!

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