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Stormfall: Rise of Balur Review

Stormfall: Rise of Balur is a RPG game with all the goodies you want, and more. It is challenging, beautiful and meticulously crafted, which adds up to a refined, addictive and enjoyable gameplay despite the free price tag. Without further ado, let’s delve deeper into the game!

One of Stormfall’s best features is the in-game online world. The idea is to join a league with other real players, take down rival lords and castles, while supporting your own lords with resources to keep them going. Likewise, when you find yourself in need of help, your team can send their units to your side as well. The built-in chat functionality also allows your team to discuss tactics and strategies. It is really fun to be able to engage and compete with other real players, and with the large multiplayer base, it kept me hooked and wanting more.

Stormfall App Gameplay Screenshot

The more you play the game, naturally, the better you will get. As you progress, discovering lost arts and unlocking new scrolls, you will gain access to new units, resources and upgrades – for example, investing in a bow could improve your archers’ offence and defence to then level yourself against previously stronger rival lords.

I also appreciate Stormfall’s host of challenges. With quests, ranking systems, individual and league achievements and new quests assigned daily, you’ll never find yourself bored from a lack of things to do. Besides that, if you are confident of your strength and feel up to the task, you can attempt to gain control of settlements by attacking the current lord and subsequently defending your new territory against other attackers.

Beyond gameplay, it is difficult not to take a liking for Stormfall’s graphics – they are impressive. The map is lively and detailed with shadows, textures, particle effects and whatnot – all in all presenting an amazingly magical, mystical-feeling fictitious world. It not only is up to par with other similar games of the genre but also surpasses many of them. The interface is carefully crafted to keep you engrossed in the experience, with appropriate ancient-looking fonts, backgrounds and button designs and logos that shine satisfactorily like orbs.

While the app is free to download, it also offers in-app purchases. That said, though, in my few days of hands-on with Stormfall, the only drawback is slightly slower progress, such as the standard delays for actions to complete. You’ll probably do just fine playing without investing real cash, but you always have the choice to acquire more sapphires to bring out the edge in your competition.

Stormfall really does an excellent job at being a strategy MMORPG. It is extremely detailed and offers many paths for you to develop and customize your game progress. You can also play in battlegrounds in the Eagle’s Nest against NPCs (Non-Player Characters), or do side quests to acquire more troops and stones if you feel like training up to prepare for league battles in the online world.

Available for both iOS and Android, you won’t be left out from the fun no matter which platform you use. And for a free-to-download price tag, it’s almost certainly a steal! If you’re looking to spice up your daily commute and enrich your mobile gaming experience, look no further!


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