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Pocket App Review: Save Articles and Videos to View Later

In the turbulence of our everyday lives, we tend to forget things. We usually get interested in the quality content we find online, but we’re either too busy or can’t concentrate – those memes and cat videos are hard to ignore. Luckily, that problem is solved recently by having apps that enable us to save the content for later. Save It Later was one of them, developed by the Read it Later company in 2006, and was renamed to Pocket. It all started as an extension for browsers, enabling the users to save multimedia content for later. Today we’re exploring Pocket iOS app, its functions, design, and the overall performance. Let’s get into the review:

Pocket App Review: Design & Features

Simplicity, modern font, beautiful colors. Pocket aims to be functional, responsive, and to provide great info without much effort. The logo resembles a small pocket, built in modern minimalistic design. After you’re greeted with the logo and the loading screen, you get options to log into the app (Google or email). Setting up the account for the first time is really straightforward and quick. While you wait for the initial login, you get a small tutorial and features that explain how can you use the app to the fullest.

You get to explore the possibilities, and the different functions that the app provides by swiping the slideshow tutorial. When you enable your Pocket web browser extension, you can save content both on your phone and your computer and from various sources as well.

When you log in the app, first you get to the My List section, where everything you’ve saved is found. Everything is sorted nicely by the time of your saving, the tag, or the letter (you can choose the sorting of collected items). After first few seconds, we get to see that Learn How To Save tutorial is triggered because I’ve made my demo account for the review purpose. The function provides you with the introduction slideshow which is designed nicely.

Next, you get the Recommended feature which shows the list of popular content worldwide, available for you to save for later. You’re able to follow the popular profiles listed here, so you can have the latest updates from them. By utilizing this option, you get to explore new areas of content that might be both interesting and useful for you.

Notification panel comes next, displaying all important updates regarding the app usage. The fourth segment is Profile, where you get to see the number of your followers, the people you follow, and your recommended/saved content, alongside other options. When we tap on the upper right corner, we get the Settings section where you’re able to adjust many parameters to your choosing.

The main page of the app provides the Search feature – which can browse through saved content, online content from the feeds you follow, and the recommendations. When you swipe to the left, you get some additional practical options like Article/Web view, scrollbar, flipping of the page you’re visiting, justifying the text, and other options for saved content for offline access – Download Best View, Download Only on Wi-Fi, and Use Mobile User Agent.

Pocket app – Usability, Functionality, Value

This service differentiates from the competition in these small, but eminent details.

Displaying the content –The Magazine look that Pocket provides adds the usability and functionality to the app, and you’ll get to recognize and open the articles that you’ve stored easily. To help you access the items, the Tags system has been incorporated. This is useful especially if you use Pocket to save articles a lot. Pocket also provides a built-in Flash plugin, which enables watching videos within the app itself, which is an excellent feature.

When observed as a synchronizing service across your devices, the value that Pocket brings to users is impressive. The extension for web browsers performs great; as soon as you’ve saved them to your Pocket account, your articles will appear on your app immediately. They can be accessible offline, which makes Pocket your ideal app for trips, and periods when you don’t have the internet connection.

You know when websites have a lot of distracting things in their sidebars, or annoying ads? When you use Pocket and save the article for later, you get to simplify the article to the “meat” and no fluff that will distract you from reading it. A very, very useful feature.

The synergy that Pocket has with various applications is outstanding. When you’re using your favorite app for news, or browse a forum thread, or watch a YouTube video, you are able to save that piece of content to your Pocket account immediately. Pocket App Review - integrationsDozens of apps have the integration with Pocket, and you only need to tap on “Share” function, and you’ll have the possibility to use Pocket, and save your article, or that video you’ve liked. Same goes for sharing it with your friends on social media, or sharing with your followers on Pocket.

The Verdict

With millions of users, thousands of positive reviews and several rewards, Pocket app is dominating the market. The app received more than 20.000 5-star ratings so far. The usability of the service is outstanding, earning the comments in public from the important people in the tech industry, such as Bill Barol (Forbes) and Kent German (CNET). Google awarded Pocket as the best app of the year in this category in 2015.

If you don’t use Pocket, there is simply no reason not tothe app is simply that good.

Additional Info:

The Pocket app is free to download from the Apple store (available for Android as well), and you can find it in the News section. It takes 50MB to download it. The app is compatible with both iPhone and iPad devices; it requires iOS 8.0 or newer, and it supports 14 languages. Additionally, you can opt for Pocket Premium for $4.99 per month and $49.00 for a year of service, which unlocks more storage, makes your content permanent, and more useful stuff that will enhance the experience of using Pocket app.

Do you use Pocket app? Share some thoughts, or your Pocket profile with us.

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