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Piano Tiles 2 Review – Don’t Tap the White Tile

Warning: extreme hand-eye coordination needed – Piano Tiles 2 App Review

Piano Tiles 2 Review

You may have heard of the “Don’t tap the white tile” game most commonly known as Piano Tiles. Heck, you might have even spent hours on end playing the game till your phone screen broke. As if the first game wasn’t addicting enough, Clean Master Games released a newly improved version called Piano Tiles 2.

Can Piano Tiles 2 outdo it’s predecessor?

The sequel plays pretty similar to the first game, touch the non-black tile and your game ends. But that’s not all of it. There are a lot of changes that are very noticeable as soon as you start the game. First, as you start the game, you’re immediately shoved to play a preset starting song. You don’t get to choose which song you play first, you play something against your will. Well, the song itself isn’t hard at all, but one thing to notice is that there’s an “applause” section called “bonus” that lets you earn “notes”, which is the game’s primary currency. Yes, you heard it right, currency.

As the first song finishes, you get exposed to a rich song menu which shows numbers on top. The first one is your level, then stamina, notes, then in-app purchase currency. You’ll also see that most of the songs are locked till you clear another song. If you explore the menus, you’ll notice that the modes like the infamous ZEN no longer exist and you’re stuck with the single mode which allows you to unlock news songs as you level up or clear a specific criteria.

App Review - Piano Tiles 2

Each song has a clear state, symbolized by a yellow start icon that pops up as you progress through the piece. As the song finishes and right after you complete the bonus section, you are then exposed to a faster section and get trophies for every set number of notes. This ensures replay value as you’ll be intrigued at what song you’ll unlock if you get all 3 trophies for a song. As we’ve said prior, sadly, the old modes of play in the first game have been removed in the second. The new game, however, includes a whole array of new features that will surely make you forget the first game. One of these features is the Level system. The game now allows you to get experience off of songs and create a fun experience where you have to replay songs in order to progress. The sequel also includes a stamina count, represented by the heart icon on the menu, which shows you how many more songs you can play before waiting for it to refill over time.

Overall, the game is pretty exciting and addictive once you’ve got a good grasp of it. It offers better responsiveness as compared to the first and also gives you more songs to complete unlike its predecessor. One word of warning, the game may induce seizures due to fast movements and flashing colors, if you have any history of the sickness, we advise to check with your doctor if the game is safe to play.

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