NCAA March Madness Live Review: Every NCAA Fan’s Ultimate Companion

Today we have a treat for the sports fans; we’re reviewing NCAA March Madness Live app, brought by NCAA Digital, and built and maintained by Turner Sports Network. Since March 2014, this app is dominating the Apple Store with an average grade of 4+ from thousands of reviews. It’s that time of the year again – the March Madness!

NCAA March Madness Live Review

We all know how NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament can be exciting, and how passionate people can be when it comes to this tournament. Bringing the excitement directly to our smartphones, the app brought mobility and got us closer to action and our favorite teams. Let’s examine the what this app brings:

NCAA March Madness Live Review: Design & Features

Modern, fluid, clean, and functional. Those are the words that describe this app the shortest. NCAA March Madness Live welcomes you with big logo behind rubber ball texture, painted in blue. Alongside the blue, colors that dominate the app are white and orange. NCAA March Madness opens with the primary feature – “WATCH” where you get to see the latest feature video. Expect some explosive highlights, stunning details, and amazing animation here. Ultra-high quality, sleek animations, and fast responsiveness are the features that NCAA March Madness provides. You’ll get used to them very quickly while staying updated with the latest scores, most exciting moments, best moves and highlights from the tournament.

Next, you have the “SCORES” section, which is organized perfectly, displaying everything from the games in detail. In this section, you can see detailed reports of the latest games, upcoming games, and statistic data regarding the team you’re interested in, as well as individual players and the game-related statistics. The upcoming games are displayed in your time zone, enabling you never to miss a game. Next, there is a schedule, so you can watch ahead from the Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four, and the Finals. The app gives you the notification possibility – when turned on, the app will notify you that the game you want to watch is starting soon. If you’re unable to watch the game, notifications will alert you at time intervals, (game start, halftime, the start of the 2nd half, final, and video recap) updating you with the latest changes and the score. Neat. At the moment, Elite 8 games are upcoming, and I’ve set my notification to arrive before the games start.

The third section in NCAA March Madness is “PICKS”, which was added to the app recently, where you get to bet on the certain aspects of the game and win prizes.

Example Question: Which team will have more assists for three points in the first halftime?

You get to choose between two teams as your answer and wait to see what will happen. This feature adds to the excitement and usability of the app for sure, as you get to predict, and showcase your knowledge about the teams, players, and the matchups.

NCAA March Madness Review - TEAMSThe fourth section of the app is labeled “TEAMS”, and in this section, you can find in-depth information about the team you’re rooting for (or any other team that competes).

Notification alerts are integrated into this section too, and you can receive them on every status change, or news that the team that you follow publishes.

You can make your profile in the app, and unlock the app’s full potential in the “MORE” section.

Here you get to adjust the notifications for every function of the app, get links to the official websites of the teams, additional information and guidelines on how to watch, information about the tournament, the TV networks that broadcast the games, and enter the feedback section.



The most important part here is the “WATCH EVERY GAME LIVE” through the TV providers. You have to be registered user for this feature, and pay the subscription to your TV provider. Once you’re in, you get the access to all 67 games across TBS, CBS, TNT and truTV. There are 11 providers available, and using this app with this service enabled provides a great experience. For that in-app purchase (different prices regarding your television provider), you get the possibility to stream your game through AirPlay or Google Cast directly on your TV.

Another interesting feature to mention are the curated announcements from social networks (Twitter, Instagram). The app is 10 seconds late from the original timing of the events in actual games, which is outstanding compared to counterparts on the market.

Pros & Cons

The app looks great, performs great, updates quickly, and developing team updates it continually. User experience is excellent, every detail is displayed, and if you’re an NCAA fan, this is the best resource you can get. The app has more than 10.000 positive reactions and comments from the satisfied users, and it is at the top of the sports apps in the US Apple Store.

Still, we managed to notice an annoying thing using NCAA March Madness Live – switching between apps, or receiving any notification from another app will force the ads to display, every single time.  Imagine you go to your messages, email, or anything else, and then switch back to see the changes in the score. An add welcomes you, lasting for 15 seconds. Very annoying. Because of this, you can miss that spectacular game-winning shot easily.

Overall information and Conclusion on the NCAA March Madness Live

The app requires iOS 8 or newer, and it is compatible with every Apple device (optimized for different screen sizes), including the Apple Watch. If you’re an NCAA fan, this app is essential for staying up-to-date, following your favorite teams, and having a unique and quality experience during the March Madness.

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