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Medal Masters Review: High Quality Retro RPG

If you like seeing cute little characters that pack a punch, this new game from NEXON is sure to give you the hype you are looking for. Medal Masters is a “Hero Summoning” game that offers customizable battles with its wide array of playable characters.

Medal Masters App Review

The game starts you off with a brief tutorial of how the game works by starting you off with a really strong badass party.


The game is pretty simple to say the least. Each mission you enter costs stamina to play and you only get a limited stamina pool to start with. Once you’ve used it all up, it’ll take a few minutes for all of your stamina to refill.

Medal Masters Gameplay Pic

Attacks and Skills

Regular attacks are automatic in the game so you don’t need to worry about controlling your party too much. The only thing you have control over are the skills, which the enemy is really scared of if you’ve played the tutorial. Each skill is different to a hero class so it’s best to plan your party ahead of battle to get the best results.


If you use a skill in-game, you’ll notice a circle that slowly converges into your character and another circle at a fixed place. If you properly time a second tap right when the outer circle aligns with the inner circle, you get a skill boost known as Blitz. The effect of Blitz is a simple damage boost to your skills. For example, a regular skill of a 1* unit gives 110% attack power but with Blitz, this could go from x1.2 to a maximum of x2 damage (combo of five Blitzes). That’s an awesome boost to get maximum damage so make sure you time your skills accurately.

Mana Pool

You’ve surely noticed that big blue orb in the middle of the screen by now. If you haven’t yet, that’s the Mana Pool which shows you the amount of Mana you have left. Mana is used each time a unit uses a skill, so don’t go wild with your skills and plan effectively.

Unit Types

The unit types in this game can be broken down into 5 different categories, here’s a rundown of each one.

Warrior: Melee. Represented by a shield icon, these units show the highest health and defense which make them best suited at the frontlines.

Lancer: Melee. The spear icon represents the Lancer class, which deals enormous damage in the frontlines. The only downside is that they have lower health than Warriors.

Archer: Ranged. The Archer class is represented by a bow icon. These are very fast damage dealers located in the back. They offer a good DPS but have very low health and defense, making them vulnerable when the tanking units collapse.

Wizard: Ranged. The staff icon well suits this class. Much like the Archer, these are ranged units that can be found in the back row. Only difference is that they have higher attack at the cost of attack speed.

Healer: Ranged. These units, represented by a wings icon, is capable of restoring your party and keep other units from dying. Offers a relatively good damage output comparable to the Wizard but lacks in DPS since they cycle from Attack to Heal.

Once you’ve fully grasped the mechanics of the game, it can be highly addictive. If you want to try it out, Medal Masters is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.

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