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Kendall and Kylie Game App Review

Kendall and Kylie App Review

Kendall and Kylie App Review

Imagine a world where you can be the center of popularity. You can have beautiful clothing laid out before you. This the app that allows all that. Your avatar is completely customizable. You have the choice of the latest fashions, or you can create your own. It is all about you.

There is more than just picking out and changing clothes. You go down a path where you make your career. Choose who you follow or be your own person. You can set the new trend by posting vlogs. You can live the dream by modeling the latest fashions. Go on photo shoots and virtual dates. Have fun and be creative in your own way.

You meet people throughout the game. You can choose how you are going to interact with them. They can become your best friend or your enemy. You can use them to increase your following. It is the world where you create and control the drama. You choose who you want in your world and how you want them to be in your world. You are in the world of fashion, where everyone is judged based on what they are wearing and when they are wearing it. It takes a courageous spirit to venture out and take a chance, but that is exactly what this app makes you want to do.

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The downside of the app is that it says it is a game designed for the creation of a social world. It is meant for 13 and up. It does have some mature content that is more like a 16 and up game. The app also redirects and sends you to other social media sites that can be hard to regulate and monitor. You do have the option to purchase other in app items, in general, the pricing is so high that it is really hard to earn the stuff you want without purchasing the extras with real money. The app is still fairly new, which mean that all the bugs are not quite worked out.

Overall, it is a great app that sparks creativity in its players. It makes you want to learn the latest fashions and be involved in the creation process. The goals in the game are attainable and realistic. In some instances, you learn some real lessons about life and people. It is not a game for everyone, but those who venture into this world are quickly absorbed and obsessed.

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