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Health Mate App Review: Let’s Get Fit

Withings, the maker of the Health Mate app, is a known name in health and fitness industry. They invent smart products and apps to help their customers achieve their best in both fitness and health. Their valued clients (referred to as Withings) are usually not athletes, but ordinary people, trying to lose weight, eat and live healthier or make those extra steps every day.

Health Mate Review

The app itself is an excellent productivity tool. It is used to track many aspects of life, fitness, health and wellness including heart rate, blood pressure, weight, calorie counting and so on. It synchronizes very fast and gives you a precise result every day, and it is very practical to use.

Health Mate has great reviews on the Apple App Store and users seem pretty satisfied with it. We have used this app for several days and summarized our opinion on it in a short review.

Health Mate Design

Overall app design is very appealing. Menu for setting your goal weight is painted pink. The colors that pervade are red, orange, white, gray, green and blue. Coupled with black text, reading and navigating is quite easy; everything is very flashy but quite distinguishable. You will have no problem with the usage, it is smooth as butter and everything is legible.

The menu offers you five sub menu items to choose from: Timeline, Dashboard, Leaderboard, Profile, and Reminders.

Beneath these options, there are Settings and My devices as well, for synchronizing your fitness accessories. Feedback is used to write your opinion on the Health Mate and give an app a review. Tell a Friend is an option for sharing the app with your friends and family. With the help from the Help Center, you can solve all doubt related to the application.

Withings Store option is used for purchasing additional items and fitness accessories from the creators of the app. Overall, the simplicity and flashing colors as well as beautiful font, shapes and fluidity provide for a good score in design scoring of the Health Mate.

Features of the Health Mate

After the loading screen, first thing you have to do is to create a new user account by filling in some useful info. These are standard information, nothing out of the ordinary, such as first and last name, date of your birth, height, weight, and sex. You have the option to log in either via your Facebook account or e-mail address.

After the initial setup, the first thing that opens is the Dashboard. In this screen, you can set all the necessary wellness levels and every level is based on a different color and placed in a figure that resembles wings of the butterfly. Weight is painted pink, Activity is orange, Sleep is blue, and Heart is colored green. You can tap on each health wing to shape it the way you see fit. On the Dashboard, you can rearrange the elements, add and remove the widgets and track all the progress that you’ve made.

Health Mate is a terrific app because is is very simple to use and it tracks everything for you. For instance, after you set you weight and your desired weight the app will inform you on a daily basis how much weight you’ve lost (or should lose), or how many calories you’ve burned while jogging. It will tell you the right amount of steps necessary to achieve your goals along with useful information about your daily routine. All is presented in the way that everyone easily understands and can view its progress on a chart.

Another great option is the Reminders feature; using it, the app will inform you about many aspects od fitness and life that will greatly aid you in everyday routine. It is sorted in categories that are known on the Dashboard; heart, sleep, weight and activity.

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Very fun and exciting option is the Leaderboard. You can connect with your friends and family that use Health Mate and challenge them to a weight-loss duel over a period. Whoever walks the walk instead of talking the talk will be the winner. It can be very entertaining and beneficial as we’ve learned in the past few days.

The application makes the excellent impression indeed. It is very easy to use with a plethora of options. It is regularly updated, and it will receive a lot of useful addons in the future.

Bugs and glitches are non-existent and, even if you encounter one; it will be quickly updated because people from Withings take their customers seriously.

Pros and Cons

There are several things that we simply love about this app and some things that could be better.


  • It is very precise – every measurement that we’ve taken was spot on
  • It is very easy to track you progress – everything is oversimplified so that everyone can use it with ease and view their progress on daily, weekly and monthly charts.
  • Regular updating of the app and adding new and useful features on a constant basis
  • It is free of charge


  • There are not cons that we could think of, seriously.

Overall information and conclusion on the Health Mate

This application can be downloaded from the Apple app store Health Mate Review - Whats my resultfree of charge by clicking on this link.

For 4.99 US Dollars, you can buy Hy-Result, “an additional feature designed by international scientific committee that combines questionnaire and a measurement calendar over five days to provide you with a personal report of your blood pressure”.

You can share that report with you doctor later on.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have Apple iWatch with us to try out if it can be used for monitoring sleep cycles and blood pressure.

Health Mate requires you to have iOS 7 or above and it is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and iWatch. It comes in ten different languages and takes 86.7MP of your internal storage. Because it constantly works in the background, it can take a toll on your battery life but given the amount of usefulness that it brings it doesn’t really matter.

We believe that it is a brilliant app useful in all spheres of life, and that can help you to become a better version of yourself in many aspects.

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