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Evernote App Review: A Productivity App That Excels

Evernote has taken the world of productivity by storm. This multi-functional tool is shaping the world of business people the same way as it shapes the lives of ordinary people. You can lead a successful business in it the same way as you’ll make the groceries list. The idea started in 2007, when a group of highly talented engineers, led by Phil Libin decided to create something different.

Evernote Review - Main poster with logo - Evernote elephant

The original idea was to create a video game, which later shaped to be the Evernote that we know today. I can’t imagine my life without it, and I believe many of you would say the same. We will focus on the Android app for this review; let’s see what this application does.

Evernote Design

The company has an extraordinary team of designers onboard. The result is the extraordinary app, which looks stunning, yet so simple and functional. The simple method used to organize one’s life is developed into notebooks and notes, which can be tagged, shared on a built-in “Work Chat”, saved for offline access, edited on your phone and automatically synchronized on other devices. This multi-functional system is colored with four colors: green, black, white, and grey.

Evernote Review - Work Chat feature

The famous logo, the elephant is kinda obvious, as elephants don’t forget; it looks great, and amusing. The menus and items that you tap on are designed in Android Material fashion, which is the latest trend in design. Every button, every icon, and every segment in the menus is made in the same fashion, using the same style and fonts. Overall, the Evernote app sets standard in the design section.

Evernote Functions

As the name states itself, the app is used to create, and organize notes. The notes you create are stored in notebooks; Evernote is organized like a group of notebooks that you manage. You can have many notebooks, all different for the purposes you’d like. I have “To do”, “Things to remember”, “Things to learn”, “Things to implement”, “Various”, “Workout”, and more. When I get to record something, I can easily pick which notebook will house the particular note.

Taking notes can be really easy on Android, as you only need to push one green button, which will give you the option to choose which type of note you’d like to create: text note, handwriting, reminder, work chat, attachment, and camera note. Let’s examine those possibilities:

  • Text note – You get to type in everything you want to remember, or do. You have simple and plain text field, and you get to choose the notebook where the note will be stored.
  • Handwriting – Particularly good if you’re using a stylus. I do, and sometimes I use this feature to scribble some reminder for myself or make a note about a design I liked.
  • Reminder – Same as taking a regular text note, enhanced with timing reminder. You write the note, and then choose on which time you want to get a notification to remind you about it. Something like an alarm, but with your detailed note attached. I love this one.
  • Work Chat – This option provides communication between the team members. You can easily share notes with other Evernote users, and collaborate on them through the handy work chat. It works like every other messaging app out there, and you don’t have to leave Evernote to chat with the person you’ve shared your note with. No distractions, no waiting times, no nothing, just simple and efficient collaboration. Evernote brought this option in 2014, and became a productivity powerhouse since then.
  • Attachment – You can add any doc, or any multimedia file to your notes in Evernote, and you can choose from your phone’s files. When you add the file to the note, you can share it, add text, or edit the attachment (if it’s an image). Then, you can save it for later, share it with a team member, or share it on social media, or via email.
  • Camera – You can flash out your camera whenever you’re in a hurry, and just take a picture of the document you’re looking at. The amazing service that Evernote provides will scan the writing and provide the additional info or similar notes in your notebooks.(With paid subscription, you can extend this even more. More on that later)

Synchronization plays a huge part using Evernote. With Clipper enabled on your internet browser you can clip the whole web pages, articles, or anything interesting you found online and save it to your notebook. It will be available for you to explore that content on your phone immediately, with the possibility to highlight, edit, share, tag, or merge the note. While speaking of merging…

Evernote Review - Clipped article

Your notes can be organized further by merging to form unique notes for even better organization.

For example, if you have a recorded a sound reminding yourself to pick up the groceries, and you’ve made the list of groceries to be bought, Evernote will offer you to merge those two into a single note, and provide an additional option to remind you at the specified time, playing your notification sound, or your audio recording that you’ve made.

Imagine the functionality. You won’t forget things, you won’t do things poorly, and you’ll be more and more productive.



I’ll be straight honest with you. Evernote slowly starts to Evernote Review - account possibilitiesconnect with you, and slowly gets into your skin.

It’s easy to start with it, but to reach the full extent of this tool (yeah, Evernote is actually a productivity tool), you’ll need some practice, and some learning.

There are dozens of guides online on how to use Evernote more efficiently. I’m using it from way back – January 2014.




Pros and Cons

As a user of this amazing tool for the last two years, I can tell there are pros, and more pros, and some small cons.


  • Looks and works amazing
  • Multi-synchronization
  • Additional apps and integrations for more functionality
  • Huge functionality
  • Productivity essential


  • Gets time to master
  • You have to pay for additional services

Additional info on Evernote

Evernote is a light app, depending on what kind of a user you are. If you have dozens of notebooks with hundreds of notes inside each one, your Evernote will consume up to 500mgb (my case). On the other hand, if you use it for some basic tasks, memos and notes, it will be light. The app is free to download on Google Store and Amazon, and there are three tiers of service: Basic (free), Plus (paid), and Premium (paid).

Evernote Review - Payment options

“The more you use it, the more useful it becomes.” Phil Libin.

Thank you Phil and guys behind Evernote, for making our lives much, much better.

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