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Everalbum App Review: Freeing Your Storage For A Price

From the Everalbum, Inc. comes a productivity tool for everybody. The name of the app is, you’ve guessed it, Everalbum. It is used for freeing the storage space on your Android phone by automatically uploading all of your images and videos on cloud storage from where you can access them at any time. The app is recently released on the Android platform, a year or so after it was initially launched for iOS, and it has a 4.1-star rating on the Play store.

When reading reviews made by people on the Play store, Everalbum is either loved or hated; there are no mixed feelings about it. After several days with the app, here’s what we have to say about it.

Design of the Everalbum

Everalbum comes with the conventional Android app design with the blue and white colors dominating. The hamburger menu in the top left corner reveals the options of the app. It is accessible either by pressing it or swiping from the left edge to the right.

There you can select to show „All memories“, „Free Space Now“, upgrade to paid version or enter app settings. Bellow it, the place from where the files are uploaded is shown. Additionally, the exact number of the files that are being uploaded at the time is visible.

In the settings section, there is an exact number of albums, photos or videos stored on your device. The multimedia uploaded is sorted by the location on your device; you can upload your files via social media, or after the recording.

In the settings menu, you can select whether you want files to be uploaded via wi-fi or mobile data. We recommend switching off “allow cellular upload” if you don’t have an unlimited monthly data plan.

Everalbum Review - Main menu, settings, and locations for upload

On the main menu of the app, just bellow the Everalbum logo, there is a timeline where all your files are shown. You can view the uploaded files via album, photos or videos buttons. It looks pretty well, almost like a social network of some kind. On the upper-right part of the screen, there is a “Free up space now” button, and it resembles three little stars.
The simplicity is the key here, and overall looks are great.

Everalbum Features

Starting the app for the first time, you will be prompted to log in either via e-mail or Facebook. After the initial login and accepting the terms and conditions, you can choose several sources for pictures and photo upload (camera roll, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and Instagram).

After that, you only have to sit down and relax because the Everalbum will do everything for you. The app itself is designed with one thing in mind – simplicity, and it excels in that department. All your photos will automatically be uploaded on the cloud, and you can access them at any given time but only if you have constant internet connection.

You can’t upload videos in the free version of the app, for this feature and uploading images in full resolution you have to pay for the premium “Plus” version.

It is very easy to make an album or to share an album or a photo. You don’t have to worry about privacy because no one will be able to access your photos unless you want to share them with somebody.

The interesting part of the app are the “Throwbacks”. The app will automatically show you some pictures that you shot a year or two ago to that day. It can be pretty emotional when some picture that you nearly forgot pops-out on the timeline.

There are several applications on the Play Store with the same purpose, Google photos, OneDrive, Dropbox, to name a few. So, why is the Everalbum so unique? Short answer, it is not – at least in the free version. It is clean and straightforward, yet it does what it says in the description, and everyone can use it.

Pros and Cons

There are several things that we like about the Everalbum and several things that we don’t.


  • It is easy to use, and it doesn’t require much storage space
  • Creating and sharing the album is a breeze
  • It is much more “emotional” than other apps


  • The Plus version is quite expensive
  • You can upload high-res photos and infinite number of videos only in the Plus version

Overall info on the Everalbum

You can download the app in the Google Play Store or Amazon App Store, and it is free of charge. The paid version of the app dubbed Everalbum Plus will cost you 9.99 US Dollars a month and 99 Dollars for a full year of using.  It requires only 8.3MB of the storage space, and it will help you to free up much more space from your Android device.

The Everalbum is a simple and straightforward app, and we recommend you to try it.

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