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Download WhatsMapp v1.7.0 Free (Payment Removed Mod)

Download WhatsMapp v1.7.0 Free

WhatsMapp is another version of Whatsapp developed for those users who want to use the maximum features of Whatsapp Plus and it is better than any other modded version of Whatsapp Plus or Whatsapp Reborn. Whatsmapp gives you a lot of priviledges to explore which are not present in the Original Whatsapp. In this version of Whatsmapp there are certain features integrated which will make you download it definitely  and one of them being the PAYMENT OF WHATSAPP SERVICES removed and you can also use two numbers at a time. Check the change log and download Whatsmapp v1.7.0 for free (modded version of whatsapp).

What is WhatsMapp?

WhatsMapp is better that the Whatsapp Plus and Reborn versions with more features and performance tweaks. It is built with dedication focusing and maintaining the users demand over the options and choices. It has more designs and has more materialistic look with many themes and mods. Most of the bugs have been fixed like the calling crash, blue ticks not hiding and much more. WhatsMapp is still under development and everyday the developers are trying to fix the bugs which arises. You can report any kind of bugs in the comments section and you’ll definitely see that it has been fixed in the next coming version. So download WhatsMapp now, because it is safe and has the anti-ban feature which doesn’t lets you get banned unlike the successors.

Features of WhatMApp v1.7.0

  • Last seen hide
  • Blue tick hide
  • Double tick hide
  • Hide typing..
  • Change Icon
  • ActionBar color changing
  • Navigationbar color changing (Lollipop Only)
  • StatusBar color changing (Lollipop only)
  • Change Notification icon color (Below Lollipop)
  • Change chat balloon colors and text colors
  • Fastest Mod of whatsApp
  • AntiBan code added
  • FAB
  • Copy messages without date and name
  • Copy contact status & phone number
  • Image and video quality and sharing limit mods
  • Image and video preview mods
  • Group stats and much much more!

Change log : v1.7.0

  • Base updated to v2.12.228
  • Removed Payment Services for Whatsapp
  • Hide second tick bug fixed
  • App tab in Overview screen is colored accordinly actionbar color
  • Random crashes on some devices are fixed now
  • Fixed small icons sizes and other changes

Change log : v1.5.3

  • Base updated to 2.12.94 (Play Store)
  • Chat balloons coloring mods.
  • Chat balloons text coloring mod.
  • Group chat counter appear now as an overlay of participant’s picture.
  • New launcher icons.
  • Updater will work from this release. (You can update through app from next version.)
  • Copy contact’s status and phone number from their profiles.
    Automatically color statusbar accordingly the color of actionbar mod.
  • 5 new app launcher icons added to choose from.
  • Notification/lock screen notification/sharing outside app crash fixed
  • Message indicators on chat rows placed just next to the message.
  • Added a toast of “Work In Progress” if you try to set a password.

How to Install WhatsMapp v 1.5.3

  1. Install Stock Whatsapp from Playstore
  2. Verify and Chat at least with one person
  3. Create backup of chat from Whatsapp settings
  4. Uninstall Stock Whatsapp
  5. And then install WhatsMapp
  6. Verify number and restore the old chats (option will come itself)
  7. You’re done now. Have Fun!

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