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Bumble For iOS Review: Girl Power

In a world of digital matchmaking, there are millions of users out there looking for a soulmate. Until recently, Tinder was „go-to place“ for the majority of the dating community; now there is an interesting counterpart, getting stronger by the day. We are examining it today; the Bumble app brings innovations, changes, and different approach to online dating. Released in 2014, Bumble was built and designed by the former Tinder employee, Whitney Wolfe. She had a court debate with her former employer, and since she then embarked on a journey to create a different service for people in dating community. Let’s see did she succeed, and what Bumble app brings to the iOS ecosystem.

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Bumble Design

The app is designed with functionality and minimalism in mind. Yellow, white and black are the colors that dominate the app. The app is based on swiping the profiles of the users, which looks and works excellent. The pictures are much larger when compared to Tinder, providing higher usability and higher grade design-wise. When you click on someone’s profile, you get the detailed information about them, with bio, occupation, and something they’ve written about themselves.

Bumble Functions

The „Hot-or-Not“ system, where the user gets to swipe through the profiles of others on an online dating service revolutionized online dating. This system is the core of the Bumble app as well. The major detail that differentiates Bumble from the rest of the competition on the market is – women get all the control. The interface is built in a way that both men and women users swipe the profiles of users, and decide if they are appealing enough. Swiping to the right means „Yes.“Bumble App Review - Like or not
After a swipe to the right is there from the both sides, female users get to choose will they initiate the contact. When a man swipes the woman’s profile to the right, that woman get’s a notification about it. Men aren’t able to start the conversation. (To perform this, you can even just shake your phone)

Once the man swipes right a girl’s profile to the right, and she doesn’t respond back in 24 hours, there is the possibility to extend the period for another 24 hours for her to send a message. If that doesn’t happen in the following 24 hours, the connection is erased. Pretty straightforward usage, easy to use, and it provides the control to the women, preventing the weird and unsolicited offers and messages, alongside other unpleasant experiences from dating apps.

The app is pretty straightforward; you have your profile, other profiles, settings and the VIBee service (more on that later). First, you get to make a profile and insert the details about yourself. Here’s where the first flaw of the app is noted. You have to create your profile using your Facebook information, including your education, your work, and education. Many find this not cool, as the email would be much more convenient. But, this is the way to ensure the real users are out there, and no scams of any type might happen. Only valid accounts are approved and can be used to interact with others.

When creating your profile, you get to customize it with up to 6 pictures and write up to 300 words about yourself. When your profile is done, it all comes down to the social moment, and the appearance. You set the area of interests, gender (same-sex people both have the possibility to contact each other at the same time), age, and location distance.

Let The Swiping Begin

The main Bumble logo on your main screen you get to see the stats of your profile, separated in conversations and connections. You have a search function built-in to find the specific person/conversation. Girls gained really a lot with Bumble, simply because there’s no Tinder-like weirdness involved, as nobody can send you anything until you swipe his profile to the right.Bumble App Review - Screenshot

Messaging goes straightforward as well; it is enhanced with the possibility to send pictures to the person you’re chatting with. A great addition. You get the basic iOS keyboard, and every conversation is separated with users in circles, similar to Facebook Messenger. You can share contacts with persons you’re in touch with, so you might influence some matchups yourself.

Bumble app review - VIBee featureAfter being a good user for a period of time (communicating with plenty of people, being a good person), you get the access to VIBee – a community of advanced users like yourself.

You get a special sticker on you profile, and a option that can make you invisible to all regular accounts – only VIBee members will be able to spot and interact with you.

A bonus level of functionality and security to the „premium“ users who contribute to the Bumble community.

(this means that you won’t access this feature answering a lot of requests just in favor to reach it)


Pros & Cons of the Bumble App

There is no perfection, so every app out there has its flaws and advantages. The Bumble app really shows up to be a great service that brings something new to the market, and here are the pros and cons of the app:


  • Protection from unwanted messages
  • Photo-messenger
  • Design, interface, animations
  • No scammers, no weirdos, no problems with virtual harassment
  • The app is restricted to users younger than 17
  • Rewarding the good behavior


  • 24-hour limit to start a conversation (48 with extension from the guy who swiped right first)
  • Facebook account required creating an account
  • Location-based engine might be better

The Verdict

Despite beautiful graphic solutions, fluidity and overall impression of the game, many believed that the main problem (people and their behavior) won’t be solved. Bumble proved to be an efficient, good-looking, and attractive solution for this problem. More than five million of conversations has been initiated by women in recent times, which shows that this app works.

Giving the power to the women, Whitney Wolfe has solved another problem – there are almost no weirdos and individuals who behave weird and inappropriate on this service. The solution is in the psychology; when a woman swipes the man’s profile and sends him a message, it plays to the man’s manhood and ego. After an initiation from a lady, it is more than likely that the man will behave in a perfect manner, trying to introduce himself the best way possible. A job well done – kudos to Whitney to solving a problem of digital harassment in online dating and providing a quality app (and a service) to men and women on a hunt for a soulmate.

Additional Info

The app is free to download on Apple Store, and it requires iOS 8 and higher. The app is compatible with every Apple device, and its size is 42,9 MB.

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