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Dejan K is a tech geek, and productivity is his passion. He blogs on LifeHack.org, Zante Holiday Insider, XiaomiToday and eats ten egg whites a day.

Bumble For iOS Review: Girl Power

Bumble App Review - Featire

In a world of digital matchmaking, there are millions of users out there looking for a soulmate. Until recently, Tinder was „go-to place“ for the majority of the dating community; now there is an interesting counterpart, getting stronger by the day. We are examining it today; the Bumble app brings …

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Top 5 Music Apps For iOS

We’re all using them. We can’t imagine our days without them. Music apps for our beloved iOS are simply essential part of our lives. Music drives us, comforts us, and make us feel better, happy, and aroused. Our lives wouldn’t be the same without it. Today we have a swarm …

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Damn Daniel Review – An Addictive Platformer

Damn Daniel is a viral video that spread over the internet very fast. In the video, there was a teenage boy named Daniel, who walked around, showing off his new white Vans sneakers, looking cool. Friend that filmed him yelled at one point “Damn Daniel” and that was it, instant …

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Health Mate App Review: Let’s Get Fit

Health Mate Review Feature

Withings, the maker of the Health Mate app, is a known name in health and fitness industry. They invent smart products and apps to help their customers achieve their best in both fitness and health. Their valued clients (referred to as Withings) are usually not athletes, but ordinary people, trying …

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Everalbum App Review: Freeing Your Storage For A Price

Everalbum feature

From the Everalbum, Inc. comes a productivity tool for everybody. The name of the app is, you’ve guessed it, Everalbum. It is used for freeing the storage space on your Android phone by automatically uploading all of your images and videos on cloud storage from where you can access them at any time. The …

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