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Alto’s Adventure App Review

Alto's Adventure Review

Alto’s Adventure App Review

Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner game that you want to play continuously. The thing that sets it apart from all other runner games is that it has outstanding graphics. The weather changes are a flawless and smooth. One minute the sky is blue and the day is perfectly sunny, the next moment the clouds begin to roll in and the lightening show begins. The way that the rain falls is so natural that you can feel the way it would be blown in the wind. The graphics go above and beyond to look so natural and real.  The controls are easy to use and easy to do one handed. It is a game that, once you start playing, you do not want to stop. You will find yourself showing it off to friends and getting everyone to play. The music is relaxing and goes along with the game play just right. It is definitely one of those games that grab you from the moment that you start playing.

As you play Alto’s Adventure, you find yourself trying to accomplish tricks and building chains in order to reach higher levels. As you do so, you feel accomplished. The way that the scarf grows in order to highlight the way you are building your chain is ingenious. You can see your achievements in real time, in a tangible way.

Alto's Adventure Gameplay

The downside of this game is the way that the developers do not seem to connect with the players. This app is worth the money you pay for it, but if you have a problem you are not likely to able to get a hold of anyone to fix the issues. The updates do come out regularly, but they do not always address the bugs that are occurring.

Overall, the simplicity of the game is highlighted by the beautiful graphics. If it wasn’t as visually stunning as it is, Alto’s Adventure would not be as grabbing as it is. You can easily play it for hours, or as long as your phone stays charged. It is a game that is easy to learn. The tricks are easy to pull off with the one touch controls.

There are few games on the market that you can allow your child to embrace like this one. As easy as it is for the kids to play, it is definitely a game that you will want to keep for yourself.

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